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Our Mission

Our suggested solution is the website  It is designed to filter all the excessive ads and promotions that block out all the desired content. To start with, when the users register on they are asked to fill in answers for questions about their interests and what they would like to see on social media, then they include all their information for each social media account. With this mechanism, the website will be able to filter out all the unnecessary ads, prompt, videos that were eliminated by the user’s choice. It will also allow specific type of ads to appear on the social media accounts based on the users preferences.

Our Purpose

Social media has an excessive amount of advertisements and promotions which can be very disruptive to the process of surfing social social or looking for information and content. The constant pop up of these ads on social media clutter the individuals mind because they keep introducing to much unnecessary information for the human to process. The misleading information that some of these ads have is another drawback because these companies are actually trying to rob peoples money. They are more concerned about increasing their sales rather than benefiting people. With our suggested solution which is, we wanted to decrease the amount of ads and promotion as much as possiable. 


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